Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to use skp900 key programmer to copy 46 chip

Original SuperOBD SKP900 English/Portuguese automotive key programmer alone cannot copy 46 chip, you need extra 46/4D/48 adapter plus for SKP900.

The function of 46/4D/48 Adapter for SKP-900:

1) Read chip.  Identify the chip type, chip ID, empty and locked.
2) Write chip. Connect to PC and edit chips, write special position for chips

Monday, May 30, 2016

SKP900 key programmer work on America cars succeed and failed

Here is the test result of SKP-900 key programmer tested on U.S.A (North American) car models. Let’s see what works and what failed.
Here is for USA cars
Note SKP900 can do all keys lost with every car mentioned.
2011-2013 FORD F-150 – WORKS FINE

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Can SKP900 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus copy 4C chip?

SKP900 key programmer user consulted UOBD2 technician that can he buy the 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus for SKP900 to copy/clone 4C transponder chip.

UOBD2 technician suggestion:
Sorry, the 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus for SKP900 can only copy 46,4D and 48 chip, cannot copy 4C chip. To copy 4C chip, you choose ND900, CN900 or Qucickly 4C/4D/46/48 key clone machines with CN1 chip.

This post is about SKP900 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus copy 4C chip  post on SKP900 Tech  Blog.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

SKP900 key programmer vs. The Key Pro M8

Difference between SKP900 key programmer hand-held obd2 tool and the Key Pro M8 auto key programmer.
Product SKP-900 Key Programmer Key Pro M8 Key Programmer
Image skp900-key-programmer     the-key-pro-m8
Function Programming keys,read pin code. etc. Program Keys,Program Proximity/Smart Keys,Clear Key Memory,
Read Immobilizer Pin Codes,
ECU Identification,
Read & Clear Fault Codes,
Provide Roadside Programming for Drivers
Applicable models SKP900 work super atLandrover, Ford, GM, and Holden.
Support Toyota g chip,
Support almost all vehicles in the world.
All Makes Coverage
Update Lifelong free update online One year free update online
Price 659USD with DHL shipping costs 1499USD with DHL shipping costs
Feature Can  work with 46/4D/48 Adapter PlusSupported types are ID13, ID33,
ID40, ID41, ID42, ID44, ID45,
ID46, ID48, ID60, ID61, ID62,
ID63,  ID64, ID65, ID66, ID67,
ID68, ID70, ID8E, and so on.
Key Pro M8 can work with old careven before 2006 and both new cars up to 2012.
Key pro M8 is the most powerful
and most expensive key programmer,
it’s best for professional locksmith
who will make key for many car models
Vehicle Year 2010~present Before~2012
Language English and Portuguese
Original/Clone Original Clone MVP
Token Token Free Tokens needed
(Comes with 800 tokens)
This post is about skp900 key programmer vs.The Key Pro M8  post on SKP900 Tech  Blog.

Friday, May 27, 2016

SKP900 key programmer ”Communication failed” solution

When program a new remote key for 2012 SUZUKI with a new SKP900 key programmer,
after select corresponding immobilizer system (IMMIBILIZER 2) and the system display “communication failed” error message.
Then he tried another way:
Select adapt key in the function menu
Insert key and turn ignition ON
The SKP 900 automotive key programmer will read pin code automatically
Manually enter pin code
The system then displays the error message “Program failed” which means SKP900 fails to write key pin code.
How to fix the SKP-900 communication fail error?
When program a new key remote through reading pin code from vehicle’s immobilizer system with SKP900 auto key programmer,
it support only read pin code for vehicle that is compatible with Immobilizer system 3.
It can not support immobilizer system 1, immobilizer system 4, immobilizer system 5 etc.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

7 steps to use skp900 program key for Mazda2

Bought SuperOBD skp-900 key programmer in 2015.11 for my Mazda 2 to do key copy.

Skp900 v3.9 i got:

(i found that, skp 900 v4.0 is cheaper now ( $589 only) when i updated version 4.0 to 4.1)

Monday, May 23, 2016

SKP900 Programmer tested on Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 key successfully !

One of our customer has successful tested SKP900 key programmer on his Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 model.
“I just got skp900 package last week with the best price on sales… the lucky dog, you know.
items in the box included are:
– the SKP-900 Main Unit
– some cables
– some adapters
– Manual

Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to solve SKP900 key programmer “CAN BE USED 0 Time” problem?

Recently one of our customer feedback that his SKP900 had the error reading “CAN BE USED 0 Time; ADD IT IN MAIN MENU; ADD TIMES FUNCTION” when started working on his car.

As for this SKP900 key programmer  error, the technical engineer of UOBD2.net gives the following answer:

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Computer cannot recognize SKP900 when add tokens

What to do if your laptop cannot recognize SKP900 key programmer when add tokens? Here is the final solution to the issue.

Only 30 minutes to Update SKP900 key programmer

Please go to the official website: http://www.superobd.com/ to register and login, add (register) your machine and wait for our confirmation, then you can download update file in MY UPDATE and the update tool in the Common Files.

SKP900 and CK100 key programmer which is better?

Inoticed that many locksmiths on Facebook and forums are discussing about SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer recently. SKP900 is becoming a rising star in locksmith industry while V45.06 CK100 has always been the hottest selling car key programmer in the past months. Some locksmiths then asked me what is the difference between the two tools and which one should they pick if they want to get a car key programmer. Here I will briefly list 5 differences between the two tools.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The reasons to Get SKP-900 auto key programmer

1. Latest Version: V3.8
2. SKP900 support almost all vehicles in the world
3. Don't need pincode when programming keys for many vehicles
4. Can read pin code for many vehicles, only a few vehicles need to get pincode from other place.
5. SKP900 car key programmer tokens needed. You can program as many cars as you can.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Use skp900 key programmer to program Range Rover 2014

How to use skp900  Key programmer for Range Rover 2014.Auto Repair

1.connect your car with skp900 auto key programmer.
2.pick Range Rover  enter "YES",wait about 5 seconds
3.you will see immobilizer and enter"YES"

4.And than just enter "YES" 11 times.

UOBDII.COM NOTICE If you can't understand you can visit:

Frequently asked questions about SKP-900

Q: What's the language of SKP900 key programmer?
A: SKP900 has English Version and Portuguese Version

Q: What's the difference with SKP100?
A: SKP900 and SKP100 are from the same factory, while skp900 can cover more and latest carmodels, and version updates faster on the offcial website

Monday, May 9, 2016

SKP900 key programmer Update and add tokens

Firstly, browse this link to download SKP900 update tool and update file.

SKP-900 Update Steps:
1). Connect SKP-900 to the computer using the USB cable,
2). Click OPEN to open the "Update3.0.bin" file,
3). Click the button "Auto Scan Port" to setup the COM port,
4). Click ACTIVATE button to start update.
Note: after open "SKP900 UPDATE TOOL V2.4.exe" you notice the above steps written in it. 

Superobd SKP900 what work and not work?

I think some locksmith have not t often been a g-pig, and have took info from others before buying tools. When I read a post from digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/, entitled SKP900 yes and no, I think I should write down one-by-one about SKP900 what works and not, considering these 
real experiences will help more locksmith who ever not use SKP-900.