Saturday, January 28, 2017

SKP900 and NSPC001 add new key for 2014 Nissan Altima OK

This blog is a tutorial to add 2014 Nissan Altima new key using SKP900 Key Programmer and NSPC001 Nissan Pin Code Reader. Check below steps to start!
Step1. Power up SKP-900 key programmer and turn car ignition on. Choose “IMMOBILIZER” then select “NISSAN”,

Choose “SMART KEY 2013-”
Before program new key you should first use NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader to get the 20 digit pin code. (When NSPC001 calculate 20 digit pin code, it needs token while calculating 4 and 5 digit pin code is free)

After you get the pin code, choose “ADAPT KEYLESS”.

Turn off ignition and turn on the car emergence switch. All keyless will be deleted. Press “Yes” button to continue.

Now enter the 20 digit pin code and confirm that.

Don’t step on the brake and keep pressing car start button until car ignition on. 

It is programming. Following the tips turn off ignition.

Use the keyless 1 top with Nissan logo click car start button then release. And press keyless 1 top to car start button within 10 seconds.

The immobilizer light is off. Click “Yes” to confirm. Turn ignition off. And keyless 1 is adapting success!

Click “Yes” to program next key keyless 2 with same procedure as keyless 1.

SKP-900 Key Programmer successfully program new keys for 2013 Nissan Altima! Both two keys are working now! 图10

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

SKP900 program 2013 Range Rover Evoque remote key OK

This blog will show a tested success case: for 2013 Range Rover Evoque with only one working remote key, you can program new remote key by using SKP900 key programmer about 3 minutes!

Below are operating steps:

Connect SKP-900 with car via OBD port then power up SKP-900.

Choose function “IMMOBILIZER”

Choose car brand “LAND ROVER” 

Select year “2012-2013” then “RANGE ROVER (2012-)”

Select model “EVOQUE (2012-)”

Wait it is loading…

Choose “IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM” and press car start button to turn on ignition.

Choose “ADD KEYLESS TYPE 1” it needs at least one registered keyless.

Put the registered keyless close to car gear shift then turn ignition off.

SKP-900 key programmer will turn car ignition on, press YES button.

Now car key number is 3.

In 5 seconds quickly press the new key Unlock button.

Now car key number detected is 4.

Again quickly press the new key Unlock button in 5 seconds.


SuperOBD SKP900 successfully programs a new key for 2013 Range Rover Evoque! New key is working!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Superobd SKP900 program smart remote Nissan Sylphy 2013 year

This post shows how to use Superobd SKP900 program smart remote Nissan Sylphy 2013 year.

Tool to use:
Superobd SKP900, $429 at
Nissan Calculator, $139 at

Calculate Pin code and then program smart remote key

  1. This is smart remote key ...
  1. Turn ignition on
  1. Open Superobd SKP900, come to menu then choose "Nissan" under IMMOBILIZER.
  1. Select "New Structure".
  1. Select "Smart key", loding...
  1. Select "KEYLESS SYSTEM".
  1. Get message "Choose OBDII adapter Yes to continue", turning on then press YES.
  1. Read BCM code
  1. Insert key and turnning on "Yes" to continue
  1. Read out BCM code
  1. Use Nissan Calculator to find Pin code.
  1. Read out PINCODE: 2166 (cause our car after 2009 year) by Nissan Calculator
  1. Use pin code: 2166. Back to "Function Selection" then select "Activate Steeling Lock", press
"Yes" button.
  1. Get message "If keyless want activate steering wheel, first turn IGN off "Yes" Continue.
  1. All keyless will be deleted.
  1. Enter Pincode 2166
  1. Check INPUT VALUE 2166 "Yes" OK "No" Return.
  1. Activate success wait new keyless.
  1. Key number 1 and number 2
  1. Register KEY Number 1, put key number 1 on Smart button and press 1 time. Security light blink 4 times. Key LED steady. Press smart button to off.
skp900-nissan-20 skp900-nissan-21 skp900-nissan-22 skp900-nissan-23

  1. Put key number 2 on Smart button and press 1 time.Security light blink 4 times.Turn IGN off.

  1. Use key number 1 turn on again. Turn IGN off. Press brake pedal then press to start.
Engine can start. Turn IGN OFF. Open driver door and close, Key LED blink 5 times.
  1. Test remote, it can work.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

(SKP-900 Update) How to update SuperOBD SKP900 Key Programmer?

Do you need a clear tutorial for SKP-900 Update? This blog will guide you How to update SuperOBD SKP900 Key Programmer step by step! Check below!

Step1. Download newest software from SuperOBD official website or

Free download SKP900 V4.5 software:

Download SKP900 Update Tool V2.4:

Download SKP900 USB Driver:

Step2. Connect SKP-900 key programmer to computer using the USB cable.

Register SKP-900 official website in member centre. Download the update software and unzip it to get the “update bin file”.

Step3. Extract SKP900 Update Tool V2.4 zip file and SKP900 USB Driver zip file. Now install SKP900 driver: go to “My Computer” → “Properties” → “Hardware” → “Device Manager”

The USB serial will not be found now. Click the “Scan” button to scan the hardware.

Step4. You will see a Found New Hardware Wizard for “USB-Serial”, click “Next”.

Check the checkbox “Include this location in the search” then click “Browse”. Choose “USB driver” folder then click “OK”.

Click “Next” then “Finish”.

Step5. There comes another Found New Hardware Wizard for “USB Serial Port”, choose the option “Install from a list or a special location”, click “Next”.

Click “Browse”, choose “USB driver” folder then click “OK”. Click “Next” then “Finish”.

Now SKP900 USB driver install completely.
Step6. Open SKP900 Update Tool V2.4 folder then open SKP900 Update Tool V2.4.

Open the update bin file then click “Update” to start SKP900 update. (Remember not to disconnect SKP-900 form computer while updating.)

The whole process will cost about 37 minutes, just be patient to wait it complete. And after that all OK, you can start to use newest SKP900 software!