Thursday, April 13, 2017

03.2017 SKP900 review Honda Nissan Toyota Mazda Chevy OK

Here is 03.2017 SKP900 Key Programmer tested OK review for sharing:
SKP900 successfully program keys for Honda Nissan Toyota Mazda Chevy… Car list as below!

03.2017 SKP-900 Key Programmer car list update (Tested)
Chevy Equinox 2007 IMMO3
Chevy Silverado 2011 IMMO3
Chevy Silverado 2014 Camero 12 New Structure
Chevy Impala LS 2006-2007 IMMO3
Chevy Monte Carlo 2007 IMMO3
Chevy Cruz 11-15 - Camero 12 New Structure
Dodge Charger 2008 IMMO1 ADD KEY
Dodge Charger 2016 IMMO (RFH) ADD Key Need Pin
Dodge RAM 1500 2012 - Add Key
Dodge Grand Caravan 2005 - NO AKL NEED PIN
Ford Fiesta H94 2014 all key lost works
Ford Fusion 2010-2012 - Mustang Key - Add Key
Honda Accord 2000 - IMMO1 ALK
Honda Accord 04-07 IMMO1 ALK NONPIN
Honda Civic 2006 IMMO2 AKL
Honda Civic 2010 - IMMO3 AKL
Honda Accord 2011 ALK IMMO3
Honda Accord 2014 - Keyless2
Hyundai Azura 2007 - IMMO4.2
Infinite i30 SYSTEM-OLD-IMMO-NATS5.0
Jaguar S-Type 2003
Infiniti QX56 2007 - NS > Key1
Jaguar S-Type 2006 IMMO3 AKL
Jaguar XF - 09-12 Add Key
Jeep GC 2001-2004 – IMMO (KEY)
Lexus GS300 2006 SmartKey2 > Reset Key > Add Key
Dodge Durango 2012 pulled PIN
Mazda CX-7 2007 - CX7 Menu
Mazda RX8 2004 - Mazda 8 IMMO
Nissan Altima 2006 - NS > Key1 - Key Adapt (Need Pin)
Nissan Altima - SmartKey 13- Read BCM - Adapt Keyless
Nissan Maxima 2003 - OS > IMMO > NATS5.0
Nissan Rogue 2011 all key lost new structure key 2 add keys works
Nissan Titan 2008 - NS >Key2>Key Program
Toyota Scion TC 2007 - IMMO1 AKL
Toyota Solara 2005 - IMMO 1 ALK
VW JETTA 03 - (SYS4 PINCODE) Key Match SYS1 or 2

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

SuperOBD SKP900 V5.0 Update Notice: check Toyota car list

SKP900 Update Notice for sharing: Here comes SKP900 V5.0 update and software download. You can see this time it newly added many Toyota car models as below:

SKP900 Update: Download SKP900 V5.0 software

V5.0 SKP900 key programmer Update info: Newly support below cars
1. Ford raptor F-150 Key Program and PCM-PATS Synchronization
2. Mitsubishi Smart Key Program -2013
3. BAIC MOTOR BJ80 Smart Key Program
4. BAIC MOTOR D60 Smart Key Program
5. BAIC MOTOR D61 Smart Key Program
6. BAIC MOTOR X55 Smart Key Program
7. BAIC MOTOR X65 Smart Key Program
8. Hyundai Verna Key Program 2014-
9. BYD Tang Smart Key Program
10. ZOTYE LangLang Smart Key Program
11. TOYOTA Scion XB Remote Program 2007-2010
12. TOYOTA Scion FRS Key Program 2013-2015
13. TOYOTA Aygo Key Program (Africa)
14. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2009(Africa)
15. TOYOTA Fortuner Key Program 2009(Africa)
16. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2008-2011(Africa)
17. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2007-2013(Africa)
18. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2002-2009(Africa)
19. TOYOTA Mark x Smart Key Program 2006(Africa)
20. TOYOTA Premio Smart Key Program 2006(Africa)
21. TOYOTA Premio Key Program 2006(Africa)
22. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2008-2013(Africa)
23. TOYOTA Vigo Key Program 2005-2008(Africa)
24. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
25. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2009-(Australia)
26. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2003(Australia)
27. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
28. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2009-2010(Australia)
29. TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2011-(Australia)
30. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2009(Australia)
31. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2009-(Australia)
32. TOYOTA Hiace Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
33. TOYOTA Hiace Key Program 2009-(Australia)
34. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2004-2008(Australia)
35. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2009-(Australia)
36. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2005-2007(Australia)
37. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2009-(Australia)
38. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 1998-2002(Australia)
39. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2002(Australia)
40. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2012(Australia)
41. TOYOTA Prado Key Program 2002-2008(Australia)
42. TOYOTA Prado Key Program 2009-(Australia)
43. TOYOTA Prado Smart Key Program 2009-(Australia)
44. TOYOTA Rav4 Key Program 2002-2005(Australia)
45. TOYOTA Rav4 Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
46. TOYOTA Rav4 Key Program 2009-(Australia)
47. TOYOTA Tarago Key Program 2002-2005(Australia)
48. TOYOTA Tarago Key Program 2006-2008(Australia)
49. TOYOTA Vanguard Smart Key Program 2009(Australia)
50. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2005-2009(Australia)
51. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2009-(Australia)
52. TOYOTA Auris Key Program 2007-2009(Europe)
53. TOYOTA Auris Key Program 2009-2012(Europe)
54. TOYOTA Auris Smart Key Program 2009-2012(Europe)
55. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 1997-2008(Europe)
56. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2008-2011(Europe)
57. TOYOTA Avensis Smart Key Program 2008-2011(Europe)
58. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2011-(Europe)
59. TOYOTA Aygo Key Program 2005-2014(Europe)
60. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006-2008(Europe)
61. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2001-2003(Europe)
62. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2004-2007(Europe)
63. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2008-2013(Europe)
64. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2008-2011(Europe)
65. TOYOTA Hilux Key Program 2011-(Europe)
66. TOYOTA IQ Key Program 2008-2014(Europe)
67. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2004-2009(Europe)
68. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2009-2013(Europe)
69. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2009-2013(Europe)
70. TOYOTA Mr2 Key Program 2002-2005(Europe)
71. TOYOTA Previa Key Program 2002-2005(Europe)
72. TOYOTA Prius Key Program 2003-2009(Europe)
73. TOYOTA Prius Smart Key Program 2009-2013(Europe)
74. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2003-2005(Europe)
75. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2005-2009(Europe)
76. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2005-2009(Europe)
77. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2012-(Europe)
78. TOYOTA Urban Cruiser Smart Key Program 2009(Europe)
79. TOYOTA Verso EZ Key Program 2009-2010(Europe)
80. TOYOTA Verso EZ Key Program 2012-(Europe)
81. TOYOTA Vigo Key Program 2010(Europe)
82. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2001-2005(Europe)
83. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2006-2008(Europe)
84. TOYOTA Yaris Smart Key Program 2006-2008(Europe)
85. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2009-2011(Europe)
86. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2011-(Europe)
87. TOYOTA Auris Smart Key Program 2010(Middle East)
88. TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2006-2009(Middle East)
89. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2012(Middle East)
90. TOYOTA Avensis Key Program 2008-2011(South America)
91. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2008-2011(South America)
92. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2012(South America)
93. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2013(South America)
94. TOYOTA 4 Runner Key Program 2003-2009(North America)
95. TOYOTA 4 Runner Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
96. TOYOTA 4 Runner Smart Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
97. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2005(North America)
98. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2005(North America)
99. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2006-2007(North America)
100. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2006-2007(North America)
101. TOYOTA Aurion Key Program 2008-2012(North America)
102. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2008-2012(North America)
103. TOYOTA Aurion Smart Key Program 2013-2014(North America)
104. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2002(North America)
105. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2003-2005(North America)
106. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2006(North America)
107. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2007-2011(North America)
108. TOYOTA Camry Key Program 2011-2013(North America)
109. TOYOTA Camry Smart Key Program 2011-2013(North America)
110. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2005-2006(North America)
111. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2007-2008(North America)
112. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2009-2010(North America)
113. TOYOTA Corolla Key Program 2010-2011(North America)
114. TOYOTA Corolla Smart Key Program 2010-2011(North America)
115. TOYOTA Corolla Smart Key Program 2012-2013(North America)
116. TOYOTA Corolla Smart Key Program 2014-(North America)
117. TOYOTA FJ Cruiser Key Program 2008-2009(North America)
118. TOYOTA FJ Cruiser Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
119. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2001-2003(North America)
120. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2004-2007(North America)
121. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
122. TOYOTA Highlander Smart Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
123. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
124. TOYOTA Highlander Smart Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
125. TOYOTA Highlander Key Program 2015(North America)
126. TOYOTA Highlander Smart Key Program 2015(North America)
127. TOYOTA Highlander LE Smart Key Program 2007(North America)
128. TOYOTA Highlander LE Smart Key Program 2008-2014(North America)
129. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2001-2002(North America)
130. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Key Program 2003-2007(North America)
131. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
132. TOYOTA Land Cruiser Smart Key Program 2014(North America)
133. TOYOTA Matrix Key Program 2005-2007(North America)
134. TOYOTA Matrix Key Program 2007-2010(North America)
135. TOYOTA Matrix Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
136. TOYOTA Prius Key Program 2004-2009(North America)
137. TOYOTA Prius Smart Key Program 2004-2009(North America)
138. TOYOTA Prius Smart Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
139. TOYOTA Prius C TWO Key Program 2012-2013(North America)
140. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2004-2006(North America)
141. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2006-2010(North America)
142. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2006-2010(North America)
143. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2011-2012(North America)
144. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2011-2012(North America)
145. TOYOTA RAV4 Key Program 2013-2014(North America)
146. TOYOTA RAV4 Smart Key Program 2013-2014(North America)
147. TOYOTA Sequoia Key Program 2001-2002(North America)
148. TOYOTA Sequoia Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
149. TOYOTA Sequoia Key Program 2011-2013(North America)
150. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2004-2007(North America)
151. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
152. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2011-2014(North America)
153. TOYOTA Sienna Smart Key Program 2011-2014(North America)
154. TOYOTA Sienna Key Program 2015(North America)
155. TOYOTA Solara Key Program 2002-2003(North America)
156. TOYOTA Solara Key Program 2004-2007(North America)
157. TOYOTA Solara Key Program 2007-2008(North America)
158. TOYOTA Tacoma Key Program 2005-2007(North America)
159. TOYOTA Tacoma Key Program 2008-2010(North America)
160. TOYOTA Tacoma Key Program 2011-2014(North America)
161. TOYOTA Tundra Key Program 2007-2010(North America)
162. TOYOTA Tundra Key Program 2010-2014(North America)
163. TOYOTA Venza Key Program 2009(North America)
164. TOYOTA Venza Key Program 2010-2011(North America)
165. TOYOTA Venza Key Program 2012-2014(North America)
166. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2007(North America)
167. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2008-2011(North America)
168. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2012-2013(North America)
169. TOYOTA Yaris Key Program 2014(North America)