Thursday, June 9, 2016

SKP900,CK100 V45.06 and CK100 V99.99,which is better?

Some discussions are raised among CK100 programmer (V45.06 and V99.99) and SuperOBD SKP 900 key programmer. What’s the difference among them and how to choose a better one?
Following displays the differences:

SKP900 key programmer is able to calculate pin code for many vehicle models for programming while CK100 can not. CK100 V45.06 and CK100 V99.99 project the same function. Both SKP900 and CK100 can program Toyota G chip.

SKP900 is the product of SuperOBD manufacture which ranked highest level among the three. According to customers’ feedback, CK100 V45.06 has a better quality than CK100 V99.99.

Vehicle support:
SKP900 support almost all vehicles in the world and SKP900 manufacturer has got it back and is developing its car list. CK100 works great on most of vehicle makes and covers some vehicles up to 2014, but it does not cover all of their models, especially the newer ones made in 2014.

SKP900 support lifelong free update online while CK100 key programmer can not.

SKP900 is available for $599 in UOBDII.COM, CK100 V45.06 for $129 and CK-100 V99.99 is newer and cheaper than CK-100 V45.06 at the price of $85.

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